Eligibility Qualifications:

  • Prior research experience through a research intensive course or an independent research experience in a laboratory setting.
  • Exhibit distinguishing characteristics such as academic commitment, personal integrity, and contribution to the Community.
  • A research mentor from the Approved Faculty Mentor list.
  • US citizens or permanent residents.

To Apply:

The full application, including the following application materials, should be submitted by Monday, March 22nd, 2021:

  • Student general information including prior research experience.
  • Unofficial transcripts.
  • Student curriculum vitae/biosketch.
  • An essay (maximum of 500 words) about personal and professional goals and how the Beckman Scholar experience would further these goals.
  • Proposed research project details (maximum of 1000 words) that includes a description of the student’s proposed role in the project with a Beckman Mentor.
  • Commitment letter from an approved Beckman Mentor.
  • One confidential evaluation from a faculty mentor who has direct knowledge of your prior research experience.
  • One additional confidential letter of recommendation from a faculty who is qualified to assess the applicant’s qualifications and potential.

Recommendation letters and unofficial transcripts should be emailed to

The finalists will be invited by the executive search committee to schedule an interview.